Charles de Tornaco

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Charles de Tornaco
FIA Super Licence Flag of Belgium Belgium
Formula One World Championship career
Active years1952 Formula One season - 1953 Formula One season
Teamsnon-works Ferrari
Races4 (2 starts)
List of Formula One World Drivers' Champions0
Career points0
Pole position0
Fastest lap0
First race1952 Belgian Grand Prix
Last race1953 Belgian Grand Prix

Charles de Tornaco (born in Brussels, June 7, 1927 - died September 18, 1953) was a Racing driver from Belgium. He participated in 4 Formula One World Championship Grands Prix, debuting on June 22, 1952. He scored no championship points.

De Tornaco was the co-founder of Ecurie Belgique, which later became Ecurie Francorchamps, and most of his racing career was with this team, driving Ferraris. In practice for the Modena Grand Prix in 1953, de Tornaco rolled his car and suffered serious head and neck injuries. There were no adequate medical facilities present, and he died on his way to hospital in a private saloon car.[1]

Complete Formula One World Championship results

(F1 driver results legend 2)

Year Entrant Chassis Engine 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 WDC Points
1952 Formula One season Ecurie Francorchamps Ferrari 500 Ferrari Straight-4 1952 Swiss Grand Prix
1952 Indianapolis 500
1952 Belgian Grand Prix
1952 French Grand Prix
1952 British Grand Prix
1952 German Grand Prix
1952 Dutch Grand Prix
1952 Italian Grand Prix
NC 0
1953 Formula One season Ecurie Francorchamps Ferrari 500 Ferrari Straight-4 1953 Argentine Grand Prix
1953 Indianapolis 500
1953 Dutch Grand Prix
1953 Belgian Grand Prix
1953 French Grand Prix
1953 British Grand Prix
1953 German Grand Prix
1953 Swiss Grand Prix
1953 Italian Grand Prix
NC 0
Preceded by
Chet Miller
List of Formula One fatal accidents
September 18, 1953
Succeeded by
Onofre Marimón


  1. Steve Small - "The Grand Prix Who's Who", 1996
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