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Lorenzo Bandini
FIA Super Licence Flag of Italy Italy
Formula One World Championship career
Active years1961 Formula One season - 1967 Formula One season
TeamsScuderia Centro Sud,
Scuderia Ferrari
List of Formula One World Drivers' Champions0
Career points58
Pole position1
Fastest lap2
First race1961 Belgian Grand Prix
First win1964 Austrian Grand Prix
Last win1964 Austrian Grand Prix
Last race1967 Monaco Grand Prix
Bandini at 1965 1000km Nürburgring with Ferrari Dino
Bandini at 1966 German Grand Prix with Ferrari 312

Lorenzo Bandini (21 December 193510 May 1967, Monaco) was an Italian Motor racing driver who raced in Formula One for the Scuderia Centro Sud and Ferrari teams.



Bandini was born in Barce,[1] Cyrenaica,[2] Libya of Italian parents. He had an older sister, Graziella. The family returned to Italy in 1939 and resided near Florence, Italy. When he was 15 his father died. Bandini left home and found a job as an apprentice mechanic in the workshop of Signor Freddi in Milan.[2]

He made his way into auto racing from competing on motorcycles.[3] He started racing cars in 1957 in a borrowed Fiat 1100. The wealthy and kindhearted Signor Freddi moulded Bandini's career and assisted him from the start of it.[2]

He achieved a first class victory at the Mille Miglia, in a Lancia Appia Zagato, in 1958. He then raced in Formula Junior until 1961. Bandini purchased a Arzani-Volpini Formula Junior car and placed third in his first race in Sicily. In 1959 and 1960 he drove a Formula Junior Automobili Stanguellini. In 1960 he placed fourth in the Formula Junior World Championship.

In 1961 Bandini became disappointed when Giancarlo Baghetti, also of Italy, was selected to drive a sponsored Ferrari by the association of Italian motor clubs FISA. However he had the attention of Signor Mimo Dei, the team patron of Scuderia Centro Sud. He was invited to join the Scuderia Centro Sud in Formula One. At a non-championship race, he finished third at Grand Prix de Pau. Bandini drove his first world championship race at Spa later in 1961. He retired with engine failure. During the winter of 1961-1962 he drove in the Tasman Series races in Australia and New Zealand.[2]

The Maranello based Ferrari team's success had declined after the triumphs of Phil Hill and Wolfgang Von Trips in the new rear-engined cars. Hill won the Formula One World Championship in 1961.[2] After Bandini was hired by Ferrari for the 1962 Formula One season and 1963 Formula One season seasons, he did fairly well. His debut in a works Ferrari was good one at the 1962 Monaco Grand Prix. He placed third.

For 1963 Bandini was retained by Ferrari for sports car races only. Signor Dei once again assisted him by purchasing for him a BRM discarded by Graham Hill. Bandini campaigned the BRM in Scuderia Centro Sud colors.[2]

Bandini, along with Ludovico Scarfiotti, won the Le Mans 24 Hours race for Ferrari in 1963. He again became the number one driver for Ferrari, replacing John Surtees who left in mid-season of 1966 Formula One season. He returned for the 1963 Italian Grand Prix[2]

In 1964 Formula One season Bandini won the first 1964 Austrian Grand Prix at the Zeltweg Airfield, his only GP win. He also achieved victories for Ferrari in Sportscar racing, notably the previously-mentioned 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1963, the Targa Florio in 1965, and the 24 Hours of Daytona in 1967.

Bandini was married to Margherita Freddi in 1963 and managed a garage owned by his wife's parents in Milan. He resided in Maranello, near the Ferrari headquarters.[4]

Accident and death

In May 1967 Bandini was racing at the 1967 Monaco Grand Prix, running second to Denny Hulme on the 82nd lap, when he lost control of his car at the Harbour Chicane. He had just entered an S-turn when his Ferrari's left rear wheel hit the guard rail, sending him into an erratic skid. It impacted a light pole and overturned.[5] The car hit straw bales which lined the harbour side, rupturing the fuel tank, and sparks ignited the fuel as the car rolled over, with Bandini trapped beneath it. Marshals flipped his car upright and pulled Bandini, unconscious, out from the flaming Ferrari. It is thought that during the effort to right the overturned car that gasoline leaked on the hot brake line or the exhaust pipe and exploded. A second fire occurred when the gas tank exploded after Bandini had been pulled away from the Ferrari.[1]

Bandini's burns were extensive, with Third degree burns covering more than 70% of his body. The worst burns were on his arms and legs with slight burns on his face. Doctors were forced to wait for twenty-four to forty-eight hours before resolving to move Bandini to a hospital in Lyon, France, which specialized in the treatment of burns. Another option was flying in skin grafts from Italy [1] or a specialist burns unit in East Grinstead in England. The burns caused severe Lesions, and he also sustained a chest wound and ten chest fractures.[5]

Three days later he succumbed to his injuries. He died at Princess Grace Polyclinic Hospital in Monte Carlo. There were concerns about the promptness of Bandini's rescue. However, investigators from the Principality of Monaco ruled on May 10 that the security operation had functioned properly.[3] The straw bales were replaced by an extended guard-rail the following year.[6] Bandini's only previous race accident was not a severe one. It happened during a 1957 Formula Junior race near New York.[4]

Bandini was buried in Reggiolo,[7] and there were 100,000 people who attended on May 13.[8]

Complete Formula One results

(F1 driver results legend 2) (Races in bold indicate pole position; races in italics indicate fastest lap)

Year Entrant Chassis Engine 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 WDC Points
1961 Formula One season Scuderia Centro Sud Cooper Car Company Cooper T53 Maserati
1961 Monaco Grand Prix
1961 Dutch Grand Prix
1961 Belgian Grand Prix
1961 French Grand Prix
1961 British Grand Prix
1961 German Grand Prix
1961 Italian Grand Prix
1961 United States Grand Prix
NC 0
1962 Formula One season Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari 156 Ferrari V6 1962 Dutch Grand Prix
1962 Monaco Grand Prix
1962 Belgian Grand Prix
1962 French Grand Prix
1962 British Grand Prix
1962 German Grand Prix
1962 Italian Grand Prix
1962 United States Grand Prix
1962 South African Grand Prix
12th 4
1963 Formula One season Scuderia Centro Sud BRM BRM P57 BRM V8 1963 Monaco Grand Prix
1963 Belgian Grand Prix
1963 Dutch Grand Prix
1963 French Grand Prix
1963 British Grand Prix
1963 German Grand Prix
10th 6
Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari 156 Ferrari V6 1963 Italian Grand Prix
1963 United States Grand Prix
1963 Mexican Grand Prix
1963 South African Grand Prix
1964 Formula One season Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari 156 Ferrari V6 1964 Monaco Grand Prix
1964 British Grand Prix
1964 German Grand Prix
1964 Austrian Grand Prix
4th 23
Ferrari Ferrari 158 F1 Ferrari V8 1964 Dutch Grand Prix
1964 Belgian Grand Prix
1964 French Grand Prix
1964 Italian Grand Prix
North American Racing Team Ferrari Ferrari 1512 F1 Ferrari Flat-12 1964 United States Grand Prix
1964 Mexican Grand Prix
1965 Formula One season Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari Ferrari 1512 F1 Ferrari Flat-12 1965 South African Grand Prix
1965 Monaco Grand Prix
1965 Belgian Grand Prix
1965 French Grand Prix
1965 Italian Grand Prix
1965 United States Grand Prix
1965 Mexican Grand Prix
6th 13
Ferrari Ferrari 158 F1 Ferrari V8 1965 British Grand Prix
1965 Dutch Grand Prix
1965 German Grand Prix
1966 Formula One season Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari
Dino 246
Ferrari V6 1966 Monaco Grand Prix
1966 Belgian Grand Prix
9th 12
Ferrari 312/66 Ferrari V12 1966 French Grand Prix
1966 British Grand Prix
1966 Dutch Grand Prix
1966 German Grand Prix
1966 Italian Grand Prix
1966 United States Grand Prix
1966 Mexican Grand Prix
1967 Formula One season Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari 312/67 Ferrari V12 1967 South African Grand Prix
1967 Monaco Grand Prix
1967 Dutch Grand Prix
1967 Belgian Grand Prix
1967 French Grand Prix
1967 British Grand Prix
1967 German Grand Prix
1967 Canadian Grand Prix
1967 Italian Grand Prix
1967 United States Grand Prix
1967 Mexican Grand Prix
NC 0
Sporting positions
Preceded by
Olivier Gendebien
Phil Hill
List of 24 Hours of Le Mans winners
1963 24 Hours of Le Mans with:
Ludovico Scarfiotti
Succeeded by
Jean Guichet
Nino Vaccarella
Preceded by
John Taylor (racer)
List of Formula One fatal accidents
May 10, 1967
Succeeded by
Bob Anderson

Lorenzo Bandini Trophy

Since 1992, Bandini's hometown of Brisighella has awarded the Lorenzo Bandini Trophy (Trofeo Lorenzo Bandini in Italian), to an outstanding figure from the world of racing.[9][10]


Year Winner
1992 Formula One season Flag of Italy Ivan Capelli
1993 Not awarded
1995: for 1994 Formula One season Flag of the United Kingdom David Coulthard
1996: for 1995 Formula One season Flag of Canada Jacques Villeneuve
1997: for 1996 Formula One season Flag of Italy Luca di Montezemolo*
1998: for 1997 Formula One season Flag of Italy Giancarlo Fisichella
1999: for 1998 Formula One season Flag of Austria Alexander Wurz
2000: for 1999 Formula One season Flag of Italy Jarno Trulli
2001: for 2000 Formula One season Flag of the United Kingdom Jenson Button
2002: for 2001 Formula One season Flag of Colombia Juan Pablo Montoya
2003: for 2002 Formula One season Flag of Germany Michael Schumacher
2004: for 2003 Formula One season Flag of Finland Kimi Räikkönen
2005: for 2004 Formula One season Flag of Spain Fernando Alonso
2006: for 2005 Formula One season Flag of Australia Mark Webber
2007: for 2006 Formula One season Flag of Brazil Felipe Massa
2008: for 2007 Formula One season Flag of Poland Robert Kubica

* Luca di Montezemolo, the winner of 1997, was the president of Ferrari.


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