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Pedro Rodríguez
FIA Super Licence Flag of Mexico Mexico
Formula One World Championship career
Active years1963 Formula One season - 1971 Formula One season
TeamsFerrari, Team Lotus, Cooper Car Company, BRM
List of Formula One World Drivers' Champions0
Career points71
Pole position0
Fastest lap1
First race1963 United States Grand Prix
First win1967 South African Grand Prix
Last win1970 Belgian Grand Prix
Last race1971 French Grand Prix
Pedro Rodriguez 1968 with BRM

Pedro Rodríguez (18 January 194011 July 1971) was a Mexico Grand Prix motor racing driver. He was born in Mexico City and was the older brother of Ricardo Rodríguez (Formula One). The two are sometimes referred to as "The Little Mexicans". The brothers both raced bicycles and motorcycles to become Mexican champions. Pedro was national champion in 1953 and 1954 in motorcycles. He made his international debut in cars at Nassau, Bahamas in 1957 in a Ferrari, along with Ricardo in a Porsche.



He was just eighteen when US Ferrari importer Luigi Chinetti dispatched them to 24 Hours of Le Mans at the wheel of a Ferrari 500 TR Testa Rossa. Ricardo did not drive due to age, so Pedro partnered José Behra, brother of Jean Behra. He came back every year to Le Mans, fourteen times in total, where he won in 1968 with Belgium driver Lucien Bianchi in a Ford Ford GT40 of the John WyerGulf Oil team.

In 1962 Formula One season, Ricardo died in a horrific accident while practicing for the Mexican Grand Prix, and Pedro considered retiring from racing. However, in 1963 he won at Daytona International Speedway and took part in his first Formula One for Team Lotus in the United States Grand Prix and Mexico. He competed in F1 sporadically through 1966 Formula One season with Ferrari and Lotus. Rodriguez won in only his ninth GP, in South African Grand Prix in 1967 South African Grand Prix, and became a permanent fixture in F1, racing for Cooper Car Company in 1967, British Racing Motors in 1968 Formula One season, the private Parnell BRM team and Ferrari in 1969 Formula One season, and BRM in 1970 Formula One season and 1971 Formula One season, achieving his second victory in the Belgian Grand Prix at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in 1970 Belgian Grand Prix.

Rodríguez was considered the best driver of his era in the wet, and after many years racing for Ferrari in the World Championship of Makes (Sports Cars), he signed for the Wyer-Gulf-Porsche team in 1970. He became the two-time world champion driver in the fearsome Porsche 917. He developed into one of the sport's greatest all-rounders, racing CanAm, NASCAR, Rallying and even becoming North American Ice Racing champion in 1970. In his NASCAR career, Rodríguez earned two top tens, including a 5th in the 1965 Coca-Cola 600.

Rodríguez was killed in an Interserie sports car race at Norisring in Nuremberg, Germany, on 11 July 1971, at the wheel of a Ferrari 512M of Herbert Müller Racing, his Swiss friend and partner at the Targa Florio in 1971.


He always carried Tabasco sauce with him in order to enliven his food. He was married to Angelina in Mexico, although he had a girlfriend in England, Glenda, with whom he lived in Bray in his latter years. He left no children.


The first hairpin at Daytona International Speedway (the right-hand hairpin) is named the Pedro Rodriguez curve, and the Mexico City autodrome, where F1, Champ Car and other series race is named for him and Ricardo: Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez.

In July 2006, 35 years after his death, a bronze plaque was placed at the site of his crash in Nuremberg, a joint effort by the Scuderia Rodríguez (the family foundation) and the city authorities. The Scuderia keeps alive the memory of the Rodríguez brothers, Pedro and Ricardo, serving as Register for Rodríguez memorabilia and cars, and certifying them. Its Secretary General, Carlos Jalife, has published the Rodríguez brothers' biography in December, 2006.

Formula One World Championship results

(F1 driver results legend 2) (Races in bold indicate pole position; races in italics indicate fastest lap)

Year Entrant Chassis Engine 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 WDC Pts.
1963 Formula One season Team Lotus Team Lotus Lotus 25 Coventry Climax V8 engine 1963 Monaco Grand Prix 1963 Belgian Grand Prix 1963 Dutch Grand Prix 1963 French Grand Prix 1963 British Grand Prix 1963 German Grand Prix 1963 Italian Grand Prix 1963 United States Grand Prix
1963 Mexican Grand Prix
1963 South African Grand Prix NC 0
1964 Formula One season North American Racing Team Ferrari Ferrari 156 Ferrari V6 engine 1964 Monaco Grand Prix 1964 Dutch Grand Prix 1964 Belgian Grand Prix 1964 French Grand Prix 1964 British Grand Prix 1964 German Grand Prix 1964 Austrian Grand Prix 1964 Italian Grand Prix 1964 United States Grand Prix 1964 Mexican Grand Prix
22nd 1
1965 Formula One season North American Racing Team Ferrari Ferrari 1512 Ferrari V12 engine 1965 South African Grand Prix 1965 Monaco Grand Prix 1965 Belgian Grand Prix 1965 French Grand Prix 1965 British Grand Prix 1965 Dutch Grand Prix 1965 German Grand Prix 1965 Italian Grand Prix 1965 United States Grand Prix
1965 Mexican Grand Prix
14th 2
1966 Formula One season Team Lotus Team Lotus Lotus 33 Coventry Climax V8 engine 1966 Monaco Grand Prix 1966 Belgian Grand Prix 1966 French Grand Prix
1966 British Grand Prix 1966 Dutch Grand Prix 1966 German Grand Prix 1966 Italian Grand Prix NC 0
British Racing Motors V8 engine 1966 United States Grand Prix
1966 Mexican Grand Prix
1967 Formula One season Cooper Car Company Cooper Car Company Cooper T81 Maserati V12 engine 1967 South African Grand Prix
1967 Monaco Grand Prix
1967 Dutch Grand Prix
1967 Belgian Grand Prix
1967 French Grand Prix
1967 British Grand Prix
1967 German Grand Prix
1967 Canadian Grand Prix
1967 Italian Grand Prix
1967 United States Grand Prix
1967 Mexican Grand Prix
6th 15
1968 Formula One season British Racing Motors British Racing Motors BRM P126 British Racing Motors V12 engine 1968 South African Grand Prix
6th 18
British Racing Motors BRM P133 British Racing Motors V12 engine 1968 Spanish Grand Prix
1968 Monaco Grand Prix
1968 Belgian Grand Prix
1968 Dutch Grand Prix
1968 French Grand Prix
1968 British Grand Prix
1968 German Grand Prix
1968 Canadian Grand Prix
1968 United States Grand Prix
1968 Mexican Grand Prix
British Racing Motors BRM P138 British Racing Motors V12 engine 1968 Italian Grand Prix
1969 Formula One season Reg Parnell Racing British Racing Motors BRM P126 British Racing Motors V12 engine 1969 South African Grand Prix
1969 Spanish Grand Prix
1969 Monaco Grand Prix
1969 Dutch Grand Prix 1969 French Grand Prix 14th 3
Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari 312 Ferrari V12 engine 1969 British Grand Prix
1969 German Grand Prix 1969 Italian Grand Prix
North American Racing Team Ferrari 312 Ferrari V12 engine 1969 Canadian Grand Prix
1969 United States Grand Prix
1969 Mexican Grand Prix
1970 Formula One season Yardley of London British Racing Motors British Racing Motors BRM P153 British Racing Motors V12 engine 1970 South African Grand Prix
1970 Spanish Grand Prix
1970 Monaco Grand Prix
1970 Belgian Grand Prix
1970 Dutch Grand Prix
1970 French Grand Prix
1970 British Grand Prix
1970 German Grand Prix
1970 Austrian Grand Prix
1970 Italian Grand Prix
1970 Canadian Grand Prix
1970 United States Grand Prix
1970 Mexican Grand Prix
7th 23
1971 Formula One season Yardley of London British Racing Motors British Racing Motors BRM P160 British Racing Motors V12 engine 1971 South African Grand Prix
1971 Spanish Grand Prix
1971 Monaco Grand Prix
1971 Dutch Grand Prix
1971 French Grand Prix
1971 British Grand Prix
1971 German Grand Prix
1971 Austrian Grand Prix
1971 Italian Grand Prix
1971 Canadian Grand Prix
1971 United States Grand Prix
10th 9

Sporting positions
Preceded by
Dan Gurney
A. J. Foyt
List of 24 Hours of Le Mans winners
1968 24 Hours of Le Mans with:
Lucien Bianchi
Succeeded by
Jacky Ickx
Jackie Oliver

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