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Peter Whitehead
FIA Super Licence Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Formula One World Championship career
Active years1950 Formula One season - 1954 Formula One season
Teamsprivateer Ferrari, Alta Car and Engineering Company and Cooper Car Company,
Scuderia Ferrari
Races12 (10 starts)
List of Formula One World Drivers' Champions0
Career points4
Pole position0
Fastest lap0
First race1950 Monaco Grand Prix
Last race1954 British Grand Prix

Peter Whitehead (12 November 1914, Menston – 21 September 1958, Lasalle, Gard, France) was a United Kingdom Racing driver from England.


Career synopsis

He participated in 12 World Championship Grands Prix, debuting on 2 July 1950. In his career he achieved a single podium, and scored a total of 4 championship points. He also drove in several non-Championship Formula One races. In addition to his Formula One career he shared victory in the 1951 24 Hours of Le Mans race with Peter Walker (driver), racing for Jaguar Cars.

Peter Whitehead is notable as the first person to whom Enzo Ferrari ever sold a Formula One car : a Ferrari 125.

Sports car racer

Whitehead teamed with Peter Walker (driver) to win the 1951 24 Hours of Le Mans with an average speed of 93.112 miles per hour. They drove a Jaguar.[1] In July 1952 Whitehead qualified his Alta 2nd to Harry Schell for the Grand Prix of Rouen.[2] In July 1953 Whitehead won a 12-hour endurance race together with Stirling Moss, at Rheims, driving a Jaguar.[3] Whitehead and Ken Wharton piloted a new model Jaguar over a 5 mile closed circuit, regular asphalt highway, at Rheims, in 1954. They were victorious with an average speed of 104.3 m.p.h.[4] The same driving pair placed 5th at Belfast, Northern Ireland, in September. The event was the Ulster Tourist Trophy road race.[5] Whitehead was behind the wheel of an Aston Martin DB3S when he placed 7th in a 1957 Belgian Royal Automobile Club Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps.[6]


Whitehead's last great performance was at 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1958 where he came second in an Aston Martin, sharing the driving with his half-brother Graham Whitehead. A couple of months later Peter and Graham were competing together in the Tour de France automobile, when their Jaguar Cars crashed off a bridge into a 30-foot ravine at Lasalle, after overturning twice,[7] with Graham at the wheel. Graham was badly injured, but Peter was killed instantly.

Complete World Championship results

(F1 driver results legend 2)

Year Entrant Chassis Engine 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 WDC Points
1950 Formula One season Peter Whitehead Ferrari 125 Ferrari V12 1950 British Grand Prix
1950 Monaco Grand Prix
1950 Indianapolis 500
1950 Swiss Grand Prix
1950 Belgian Grand Prix
1950 French Grand Prix
1950 Italian Grand Prix
9th 4
1951 Formula One season Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari 125 Ferrari V12 1951 Swiss Grand Prix
1951 Indianapolis 500
1951 Belgian Grand Prix
NC 0
Graham Whitehead Ferrari 125 Ferrari V12 1951 French Grand Prix
1951 German Grand Prix
1951 Italian Grand Prix
1951 Spanish Grand Prix
Tony Vandervell Ferrari 375 Thinwall Ferrari V12 1951 British Grand Prix
1952 Formula One season Peter Whitehead Alta Car and Engineering Company Alta F2 Alta Car and Engineering Company Straight-4 1952 Swiss Grand Prix
1952 Indianapolis 500
1952 Belgian Grand Prix
1952 French Grand Prix
NC 0
Ferrari 125 Ferrari V12 1952 British Grand Prix
1952 German Grand Prix
1952 Dutch Grand Prix
1952 Italian Grand Prix
1953 Formula One season Atlantic Stable Cooper Car Company Cooper T24 Alta Car and Engineering Company Straight-4 1953 Argentine Grand Prix
1953 Indianapolis 500
1953 Dutch Grand Prix
1953 Belgian Grand Prix
1953 French Grand Prix
1953 British Grand Prix
1953 German Grand Prix
1953 Swiss Grand Prix
1953 Italian Grand Prix
NC 0
1954 Formula One season Peter Whitehead Cooper Car Company Cooper T24 Alta Car and Engineering Company Straight-4 1954 Argentine Grand Prix
1954 Indianapolis 500
1954 Belgian Grand Prix
1954 French Grand Prix
1954 British Grand Prix
1954 German Grand Prix
1954 Swiss Grand Prix
1954 Italian Grand Prix
1954 Spanish Grand Prix
NC 0
Sporting positions
Preceded by
Louis Rosier
Jean-Louis Rosier
List of 24 Hours of Le Mans winners
1951 24 Hours of Le Mans with:
Peter Walker (driver)
Succeeded by
Hermann Lang
Fritz Riess


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