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Ferrari 246 F1
Automotive industryFerrari
PredecessorFerrari 801 F1
SuccessorFerrari 156 F1
Car classificationFormula One car
Internal combustion engine2.4 L Ferrari Dino V6
Transmission (mechanics)Ferrari 4-speed Manual
Wheelbase2160 mm
Length4030 mm
Width1500 mm
Height980 mm
Curb weight560 kg
Automotive designVittorio Jano
Carlo Chiti

The Ferrari 246 F1 was a Ferrari Racing car built for the Formula One World Championship of 1958 Formula One season. The regulations for 1954-1960 limited naturally aspirated engines to 2500 cc and for the 1958 season there was a change from Alcohol fuel to AvGas.

The 246 used a 2417 cc Dino V6 engine with a 65° angle between the cylinder banks.[1] This was the first use of a V6 engine in a Formula One car, but otherwise the 246 was a conventional front engine design. The Ferrari 246 was good enough to win a World Championship for Mike Hawthorn and a second place in the Constructors Championship for Ferrari.

The Ferrari 246 was not only the first V6 engined car to win a Formula One Grand Prix, the French Grand Prix at Reims-Gueux in 1958 French Grand Prix, it was also the last front engined car to win a Formula One Grand Prix. This occurred at the 1960 Italian Grand Prix at Autodromo Nazionale Monza, where the major British teams boycotted the race.[2]

In 1960, the Ferrari 246 designation was also used for the first Mid-engined[3] Ferrari, the 246P Formula One car, again using a Dino V6 engine of 2417 cc.[4][5]

The 246 at the 2007 Goodwood Festival of Speed.


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