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Cavallino Magazine is the "International Ferrari Magazine" for Ferrari enthusiasts. Cavallino is a bi-monthly publication that started with its first issue in 1978. Common articles found in Cavallino range from in-depth looks at various Ferraris, both race and street-legal, to profiles of popular personalities in the industry. Cavallino has also featured articles on racing events such as 24 Hours of Le Mans.

From news articles to Ferrari reports, and everything in between, Cavallino, the journal of Ferrari history, is a prominent figure in the world of Ferrari literature. As described by the official Cavallino Magazine Online web page, "Cavallino is Italian for the Prancing Horse, the venerated symbol of Ferrari. And the word Cavallino, for the true enthusiast, embodies the very essence of Ferrari."

Cavallino Magazine is the sponsor of the Palm Beach Cavallino Classic, an annual gathering of Ferrari enthusiasts in Palm Beach, Florida at The Breakers Resort. The event encompasses racing, touring, a Concorso di Eleganza, automotive art, and more. It is also the sponsor of the Classic Sports Sunday in Palm Beach, Florida.


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