Ferrari 158

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Ferrari 158
1964 Ferrari 158
PredecessorFerrari 156 F1
ClassFormula 1
Body style(s)Racecar
Engine(s)1.5 litre V8
Transmission(s)Ferrari Type 543/C 5 speed Manual
ManualService Manual

The Ferrari 158 was a racecar made by Ferrari in 1964 as a successor to the V6-powered Ferrari 156 F1 that had dominated in 1961 but become outdated by 1962. As the British competition, it had a V8[1] engine. John Surtees won his only Formula One Driver's World Championship in it.

Ferrari in white & blue

Curiously, Ferrari won the 1964 World championship with by competing the last two races in cars painted not in the traditional Rosso corsa but in white and blue[2], as these were not entered by the Italian factory themselves, but the US-based NART team. This was done as a protest concerning arguments between Ferrari and the Italian Racing Authorities regarding the homologation of a new mid-engined Ferrari race car.

Ferrari 1512

Like Honda with the Honda RA271, Ferrari raced also a 180 degree V12-powered car, called 1512 or 512 F1[3]. In the years 1964 and 1965, both the V8 and V12 were used. The 1965 56.0 x 50.4 mm 1,489.63 cc V12-cylinder engine developed 220 bhp @ 12,000 rpm compared to the 210 bhp @ 11,000 rpm of the 1965 67.0 x 52.6 mm 1,489.24 cc 1965 V8-cylinder engine.

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