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The Ferrari F1 643 is a Formula One car built by Scuderia Ferrari for use in the 1991 Formula One season. Introduced at the French Grand Prix it initially looked to have potential to run at the front. Alain Prost qualified on the front row and took the lead, and although he was eventually passed by Nigel Mansell in his Williams FW14, a 2nd place in the car's first race looked promising. It was not to be however.

Although arguably one of the prettier cars in the field, the car's results (or lack thereof) was one of the main reasons for the falling out between Prost and Ferrari, with the Frenchman eventually likening driving the 643 to driving a truck, saying that "a truck would be easier to drive than this car".[1]

The car scored 55.5 points, 8 podiums and finished 3rd in the constructors championship.


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