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Richard Lukins is a well-known figure in the UK's car enthusiast scene, having previously been secretary of the Ferrari Owners' Club London section and proprietor of the now-defunct Rosso Corsa Sales Ltd [1].

Richard appeared in the news in early 2007 when a court case heard how a disgruntled customer, seeking to take revenge on Richard, saw him get out of a Ferrari outside his workshop. The customer, a , proceeded to wreck that Ferrari 550 Maranello, assuming that it was Richard's. lso appear in commentary on Ferrari Chat, Club Scuderia and Piston Heads web forums, among others.

The story behind the episode with Mr Higgins and Mr Lukins seemingly stems from Lukins owing some money to Higgins: since Lukins' business was predominantly selling cars on behalf of their owners (on a Sale or Return basis, where Lukins' company would keep the car in the showroom ready for sale, take the sale proceeds from which an agreed cut would be deducted and then pass the rest onto the owner). Sadly for Mr Higgins, Lukins was less than competent or honest at running his business and had developed a habit, according to several dozen owners who had been a victim of his behaviour, of selling cars and then using the proceeds to keep his business afloat.

BBC Watchdog [2] have been investigating Mr Lukins but has yet to interview him, although it has been talking to a "victim" (whose identity is still a secret).

When Rosso Corsa eventually went into receivership, Lukins had managed to amass several hundred thousand pounds worth of "debt" (according to the Official Receiver) at the expense of owners of cars he was selling (who lost most if not all of the money he took in selling the cars) as well as a six-figure sum of owing to Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs.

Now Lukins is connected with and alleged to be running (although not a director of) the new startup Fiorano Cars [3], also based in Park Royal, London, and offering many of the same cars which were (still are) advertised for sale on the previous Rosso Corsa[1] website.

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